Born out of a strong sense of brand values, Sorensen seeks to be a clothing label that will challenge convention through ISSUES rather than collections. Each ISSUE comprises a number of key ARCHETYPES. In turn each of these adopts the title, and is inspired by, a profession; DRIVER/OFFICER/PAINTER/BUTCHER etc. Each associated garment features an element of design, material or finish that has it’s roots in that profession, driven by function.


The founder and driving force behind the label is Wayne Sørensen, ex Design Director for hugely successful menswear brand, Orlebar Brown.


In 2015 Sørensen began work on his eponymous label, SØRENSEN based on “an observation that most men (and a lot of women too) have little inclination towards fashion and trends per se yet they still want to know that they look good”. The relentless hype and hard sell involved in the fashion industry means there’s been a slow deterioration of confidence in people’s ability to identify their own sense of style, their own personal uniform as it were.


RAND partnered with the brand to create a complete Brand Identity. Working closely with Wayne Sørensen, our task was to develop a device, logotype and colour palette that would represent and further reinforce the ‘utility-derived’ core of the new label.


Firstly, our identity involved the creation of the main logotype and would feature a stripped back sans serif typeface and include a Danish ‘Ø’ (the founder’s roots were in Denmark and New Zealand) device that would also become a visual shorthand for the brand.


A muted blue was then created to communicate the pared-back functionality and efficiency of the product. The precision that stood at the heart of the brand had to manifest across every aspect of the communications, from garment label and swing tag to online store and packaging. RAND’s remit covered every element and involved a number of third parties across three continents.


Marketing was to be kept simple yet sophisticated and only target a small number of highly targeted publications, channels and individuals to ensure the right kind of exposure was achieved. RAND worked alongside digital media partner Chalk Global to deliver PPC and Social Media messaging.


The brand launched in the Spring of 2016 to great acclaim within the fashion press and wider industry. A hugely successful Summer pop-up store was created in the heart of London’s luxury retail quarter, Brompton Cross. This led to renowned fashion retailers Mr Porter and Matches stocking the label in the UK, Merci in Paris, Takishimaya in Japan and One & Only resorts in the Maldives and Mexico. The brand continues to go from strength to strength.