Patty & Bun


Before the resurgence of burger bars across the country reached saturation, Joe Grossmann, effervescent proprietor of Patty & Bun, had run a series of highly acclaimed and over subscribed ‘pop-ups’, taking over vacant spaces, festival and event pitches. This activity culminated in the first bricks and mortar restaurant opening on James St, Mayfair.


Being a start-up without the benefit of outside investment, the identity, collateral and restaurant environment had to be delivered against an incredibly tight budget.


Working closely with Joe from day one we nurtured his ambition and helped guide the brand through early experimental development.


We created a fresh new identity and styled the thirty cover burger bar right down to the venue’s playlist. The new brand cleverly interlinks the ‘P&B’ letterforms to create a friendly and tasty looking brand symbol. The neat circular graphic device serves a myriad of applications that include social media avatars, menu’s and packaging, all produced in an intentionally ‘lo-fi’ way that aids the communication of the craft element of the product. We used a series of stamps, dies, stencils and even a branding iron.

The website was conceived to communicate all of the brand values extolled by the identity, it’s a fresh and dynamic experience that showcases mouth-watering imagery, menu’s and even links to the restaurant playlists!


Patty & Bun opened to rave revues from customers and press. There are now 3 restaurants across London with a fourth and fifth due to open in 2016. The brand is expanding to introduce a unique range of sauces that will be available via the brands own website as well as the Waitrose supermarket chain.