Berber & Q is a very popular restaurant in Haggerston, East London. Since launching in 2015, the restaurant had a strong reputation as a company that delivers Eating experiences that contemporise and innovate Middle Eastern and North African cuisine with creativity and passion.


In the Spring of 2016 the Directors had plans to grow the business by opening further sites across London as well as continue to strengthen the existing business.


Acquiring a new client costs approximately 7-10 times more than retaining an existing one. That makes the following statistic disheartening: 80-90% of restaurant marketing budgets are spent on acquiring new customers. Why? Because that’s what the competition is doing. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s the best approach.


Instead, we recommend that restaurants build loyalty programmes, increase sale averages and increase the average size of groups. However before we could look to effectively take on any of this activity in a targeted and cost effective manner we had to first address the current brand and how we can facilitate its growth and expansion over the medium to long term. One key objective was to create a consistent brand experience that would encourage the existing customer base to seek out the new entities and add them to their roster.


The first of which would be Shawarma Bar in popular foodie destination, Exmouth Market.


Our recommendations stretched from marketing strategy to a full brand identity review and implementation. At the heart of all activity was the need to leverage the reputation and brand equity of the first restaurant and associated brand. The first task was to redefine the company’s mission and values and to articulate that in order to establish an essence that would be adhered to throughout the expansion programme.


Rather than create a stable of stand alone identities for each new restaurant we created a strategy that would use the well established Berber & Q brand to underpin each of the new restaurants. This would also facilitate the cross pollination of the customer base and establish that all important connection between each new entity and the flagship restaurant.


This was of the utmost importance as a homogenous approach would dumb-down the offer and dilute the brand overall, giving each restaurant it’s own personality whilst adhering to the core proposition of the parent brand was essential.


Working closely with the company’s design team in Tel Aviv, RAND made subtle but effective changes to the existing Berber & Q identity elements to facilitate the new strategy. We also wrote the creative briefs for each new restaurant identity and oversaw the process from inception to roll-out.


The RAND team implemented some critical changes to the way we had been working historically to ensure that we achieved greater coherence and consistency moving forward, across all aspects of the brand and in everything we do. We now feel we have much more carefully-thought out approach to how we set about building our brand, and have far more confidence in the strategic decisions we make, because they’re underpinned by a core proposition and some well constructed guidance that RAND has provided for us. We also have two new, beautifully designed websites, that fit seamlessly with our brand and the way we now work.” – Josh Katz – Director, Berber & Q Group